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Movement Building

Movement Building

Impulsakademie - Selbstorganisation

How do we grow?

In this course we will look at how social movements can grow larger.

First, we will explore the psychology and tactics of (mass)-mobilization for individual events, demonstrations or actions. Which channels are important, how do I use them – and which ones do we tend to forget? What information do people need to take action?

Once we’ve managed to mobilize people for a moment, it is important to provide the opportunity for new people to onboard and join your movement: That is movement building.

Using international and Austrian examples, we will explore how this can be achieved. We focus on the things that need to happen within the movement or organization: How do I integrate people well? What kind of roles are there? How do we ensure that our (radical) demands reach different people and organizations?

This couse is for you, if …

… you understand and speak English enough to follow the course. Most inputs will be in English, interaction with the facilitator are in English too. Group works can happen in German.

… you are active in a grassroots movement, an NGO or a union, working on a variety of topics. Ideally you have a campaign or topic you want to grow in numbers.

… you are ready to relinquish some control over the content and actions in order to grow and be divers.

Facilitators and guest speakers

Krini Kafiris

Krini Kafiris

radical institute

& free-lance trainer

Krini is an educator in sustainable organising, cultural practice for social change and gender equity issues. She focuses on the use of reflective and creative practices working for post-capitalist futures. She is co-founder and co-director of Radical Institute, a transnational initiative that explores how the arts and cultural practice can promote and sustain radical social and ecological change. She has developed and executed trainings and workshops for grassroots/community groups, activists, artists, media professionals, civil servants and UNDP-ACT staff.

Heli schaut in die Kamera und lächelt freundlich.



& action trainer

Heli ist seit über 10 Jahren in verschiedenen politischen Kontexten aktiv und hat sich in den letzten Jahren auf Skill-Shares und Wissensweitergabe innerhalb der Bewegung fokussiert. Er ist Aktionstrainer von Skills4Action und gibt oft Workshops zu Mobilisierung, On-Boarding und anderen Themen. In diesem Kurs fungiert er als Bindeglied zwischen der griechischen Referentin und dem österreichischen politischen Kontext.

Josef Haslinger (c) Karl Schöndorfer

Josef Hasliner

Mitinitiator vom Lichtermeer 1992

Josef ist österreichisches Schriftsteller. Seine Romane und Essays sind oft politisch und kritisch. Bekannt sind, unter anderem „Opernball“, „Phi Phi Island“ und „Mein Fall“. 1992 war Josef Mitinititator des Lichtermeer, bei dem in Wien über 300.000 Menschen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Intoleranz auf die Straße gingen; die bisher größte Demonstration der 2. Republik. In dem Kurs wird er als Zeitzeuge von seinen Erfahrungen erzählen.

Course Content & Learning Goals

Course Content

  • Mobilization for one-off events
  • Onboarding: integrating new people sustainably
  • Commitment and empowerment
  • Multipliers and leadership types
  • Where do movement building, campaign work and organizing complement each other?
  • Open Campaigning: Making campaigns accessible to the masses

Learning Goals:

After the course, participants can design and implement a mobilization plan. They can recognize, predict and plan crystallization points and moments. They know how to prepare an organization to welcome and organize masses and can take steps to build such a movement.


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